Missions at South Woods

Missions is part of our heartbeat at South Woods! We believe that missions means involvement in the work of Christ's Kingdom throughout the world by means of giving, praying, and going. Since 1989, members of our congregation have been involved in short-term mission projects in Brazil, Jamaica, Turks & Caicos, Albania, Russia, Canada, Ukraine, France, Ecuador, Mexico and Sierra Leone. We are seeking to develop into a world Christian congregation, so that we live with a consciousness of what God is doing beyond our nation's borders.

Going is not the only aspect of missions at South Woods. We also support a number missionaries at home and abroad through both our missions budget and our 2-per Mission Offering, an ongoing offering above and beyond a tithe. This special offering enables us to support those at home to go on short-term missions as well as support field missionaries monthly.

South Woods also seeks to be involved with other churches in the U.S. by partnering with them in local and international missions. We have done backyard Bible clubs, construction & building maintenance and other evangelistic efforts in Texas and Louisiana.

South Woods is also involved locally with a home for abused and battered women in Memphis. Our young people baby-sit on Thursday nights while the mothers of the children participate in Bible study.