What Does Jesus Have to Do with You?

What does Jesus have to do with you? Everything! It has been said that the most important thought that one can think is what he or she believes about God. The question I ask you is, "What do you believe about God?" What's more, how did you come about that belief? Was it from your own subjective thoughts on the matter, or was it from a source of true authority, namely, the Word of God contained in the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments?

These Scriptures, inspired by God, tell us of the story of redemption: about the powerful creator God who made the heavens, earth, and all that is in them; about the perfection of that creation, the pinnacle of which was the creation of Adam and his wife, Eve; the fall of mankind through the sin of Adam, plunging all of his descendents into a life bound by sin at their very nature; God's promise of grace through the "seed" of Eve, pointing forward to the work of Jesus on the cross in dying for sins; the choosing of Abraham and the promise to him of a great nation from his "seed," again pointing forward to Jesus; the blessings of a covenant given to the descendants of Abraham, i.e., Israel; the subsequent and repeated fall of Israel into idolatry and sinfulness, shunning the very covenant that promised them the blessings in which they began to trust; the hopelessness of Israel apart from God's promise of the Messiah, the King who would rule them and bring peace; the coming of this Messiah, Jesus, the Son of God and the Son of Man, who lived perfectly according to the Law of God, fulfilling the covenant that Israel shunned, and who was eventually shunned by Israel as well, being crucified on a cross at the hands of the Jewish and Roman nations; Jesus' payment through His death for the sins of those whom His Father had given Him out of the world, who would trust in Him for salvation; the resurrection of Jesus, showing the acceptance by the Father of His sacrifice for sins; the ascension of Jesus back to the Father, where He now reigns over all of creation as King; the promised peace that is now between those who trust in Jesus' perfect obedience to the Law for their righteousness before the just and holy God; the process of sanctification by which the one who was justified by Jesus is made progressively more holy; the culmination of that process when Jesus returns to judge the living and the dead, when those who are His are made perfect, given perfect bodies after the likeness of His resurrection body, and when the new heavens and new earth will begin, being reigned over by the King of kings and Lord of lords, Jesus.

So what does Jesus have to do with you? Are you like stubborn Israel, who continually shunned the promise of God? Or will you humble yourself before your creator and trust the obedient work of Jesus dying for sins on the cross? His obedient work is "good news."

If you would like to read more about this good news of Jesus, please read the summary of the Gospel outlined in Pastor Phil's The Way of Faith. We also invite you to visit with us anytime to talk to us about Jesus and what He has to do with you.