Resources of South Woods

Let us be of great help to you! We want you to use any resources that we can supply as you follow after Jesus in His commission to His Church.

The primary way that we can be of service to you as a resource is through providing you with sermons that clearly expose the Biblical text, showing the meaning of that text, as well as presenting constructive implications and applications to our lives. Pastor Phil has many full sermon manuscripts, as well as other detailed outlines, that will help you as you struggle through learning and understanding God's Word.

We also want to provide articles, papers, and book reviews, that our elders, pastoral staff, and members have written as they have worked through Biblical texts, theological questions, cultural conundrums, and practical applications. You may also find our newsletters a good source of Biblical encouragement.

We also want to be a resource to you by providing you with good books that will spurn you on to thinking deeply about the things of God, and thus also to love and good deeds.

You may also find it helpful that we have given you links to more websites that will fill the gaps that our resources have left open. You will find other book services; sites about theology, church history, and apologetics; beneficial study tools; more useful sermon manuscripts; as well as information about Baptist entities, missions, and schools.

And finally, if you are in the area, we welcome you to use the Carnes' Library, which is housed in our building. With upwards of 15,000 volumes, you will find much to learn, and much to gain!