Sermons from the Book of Isaiah

Date Speaker Text Title Listen
06/09/08 Jim Carnes Isaiah 1:1-9 God's Accusation (Against the Sinful Nation): They Have Rebelled Against Me
06/15/08 Jim Carnes Isaiah 1:10-15 God’s Assessment Of Hypocritical Worship
06/29/08 Jim Carnes Isaiah 1:16-20 God's Appeal for Personal Repentance
07/27/08 Jim Carnes Isaiah 1:21-31 God’s Announcement (Of Salvation and Judgment): Redemption for the Repentant, Or Ruin for the Rebels
09/28/08 Jim Carnes Isaiah 2:1-5 God’s Admonition (In View of the Glory of the Last Days): Come, Let Us Walk In The Light Of The World
10/12/08 Jim Carnes Isaiah 2:5-22 God’s Advice (In View of the Terror of the Day of the LORD): Stop Trusting In Man
01/04/09 Jim Carnes Isaiah 3:1 - 4:6 God’s Actions (Against The Rebellious and The Remnant): Reformation and Revival
03/07/10 Jim Carnes Isaiah 5:1-7 God's Anthem (of Love and Judgment): What More Could I Have Done?
03/14/10 Jim Carnes Isaiah 5:8-17 God's Anathema (against Greed and Drunkeness): Go into Exile for Lack of Knowledge / Exiled to Hell
03/14/08 Jim Carnes Isaiah 5:18-24 God's Aversion (to All Those Who Sin): Their Root Will be as Rotteness
03/21/08 Jim Carnes Isaiah 5:25-30 God’s Anger (Against His People): His Hand Is Stretched Out Still
11/05/06 Dr. Phil Newton Isaiah 6:1-13 Isaiah's Glimpse at the Throne
11/22/06 Jim Carnes Isaiah 12 Exsultate, Jubilate
12/02/07 Dr. Phil Newton Isaiah 42:1-4 God's Servant
04/27/08 Jim Carnes Isaiah 45:22 Seek A Sovereign Savior